Our learning goals – At Kindergarten Graduation                                                                                     

In addition to our International curriculum we also meet EYFS standards in:                                                                                                                   


  • tell stories and describe incidents from their own experience in an audible voice
  • retell stories, ordering events using story language
  • interpret a text by reading aloud with some variety in pace and emphasis


  • listen with sustained concentration
  • listen to and follow instructions accurately, asking for help and clarification if necessary
  • listen to tapes or video and express views about how a story or information has been presented 


  • Solve problems involving counting, adding, subtracting, doubling or halving in the context of numbers, measures or money; recognise the value of coins
  • Describe a problem using numbers, practical materials and diagrams; use these to solve the problem and set the solution back in the original context
  • Answer a question by selecting and using suitable equipment, and sorting information, shapes or objects; display results using tables and pictures
  • Describe simple patterns and relationships involving numbers or shapes; decide whether examples satisfy given conditions
  • Describe ways of solving problems and explain choices and decisions orally or using pictures

Performance Arts

As Hamilton Hill is a school dedicated to excellence in performance arts, plenty of space on the timetable will be given to this area. As part of achieving the certificates awarded by either the Trinity College of London or The London Academy of Arts and Music upon graduation, speech, drama and story recital will be a vital part of learning at Hamilton Hill. our main goal is to nurture our students to become confident English-speaking public speakers.

Example stories and poems would be:

  • Magic Words (an Inuit legend after Nalungiaq)
  • The Gingerbread Boy –Traditional
  • Green Fingers (an extract from a pantomime version of Beauty and the Beast) by John Gardyne
  • Cats by Eleanor Farjeon
  • To a cow by M. James
  • Free Rangers by Max Fatchen

These poems and stories will become familiar to our students through class projects and activities and we also hope will become the themes for school plays in which parents will be invited to watch. These poems and stories will be challenging and require additional support at home as we work towards our graduation goals.