Pre-grade 1 (K1)

Our early years program gives our students a gentle foundation into the world of creative language arts. We introduce students to the bright and colourful journey of discovery where they will explore and learn how to use all their developing senses to form opinions and speech. Activities will encourage friendship and relationships where we learn the fundamentals of taking turns and being polite. Simple songs, dance and poems will start to build confidence and add to the fun of learning here at Hamilton Hill. As we progress the simple phonic and literacy programs, from which simple spelling and fuller sentences will develop.

Using our resources inside and outside in the nearby park we ensure an active school life with plenty of exercise through dance, drama and physical activities. 

Pre-grade 2 (K2)

Continuing to develop the essential skills learned from our pre-grade 1 program, we begin to 'micro-manage' the skills acquired. We now encourage a more independent approach to learning where the teachers will be expecting the students to show aptitude to take the lead themselves. We raise the challenges set with more tricky poems, role-play situations and the phonic and literacy targets will be higher. Student will be mastering the rudiments of classroom behavior and friendliness, politeness and come to learn that patience should be second nature. We expect our students at pre-grade 2 to be able to confidently present work and display confident English skills in an interview scenario.

We now expect the disciplines from our internationally minded curriculum such as 'Risk-Taking' and 'Inquiring' to be more evident and natural in everyday classroom situations.