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Your Child’s Pathway

Hamilton Hill will equip your child with the skills and confidence required to access the primary school of your choice in the future. We recognize that enrolments to primary schools in Hong Kong are extremely competitive, with large numbers of applications vying for a very limited number of places at most of the most popular schools. Our program and teaching methodology will prepare your child to stand out, and we actively engage with many of the best schools in order to establish a desirable ongoing pathway.

Our Educators

We place great importance on ensuring our teachers are of the highest caliber, many of whom are recruited directly from the United Kingdom and from other leading English-speaking backgrounds. It is our responsibility as educators to ensure that every single student receives the very best attention.

Our Environment

We have a modern, clean and safe environment. We use a combination of fantasy and utilize technology to familiarise and integrate your child into a modern day classroom. We are one of the few Pre-school kindergartens to utilise Electronic White Boards for instructions, which are common place at the top international schools. The early introduction of such teaching tools and methods, along with our small class sizes of 15 students, allows for a seamless transition to their next stage of schooling.

Our Graduates


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