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We aim to enhance the learning experience at Hamilton Hill with specially chosen activities and trips throughout the year.  We have festive holiday parties and events as well as some special events, such as a fashion show, a field trip to the zoo and farm and performance reviews, showcasing our pupils’ work throughout the year. We also hold and perform a winter and summer theatre production.

We encourage parents to accompany their child to these activities to further enhance the experience and will always notify parents through email and diary entries. Here you see our trip to see ‘Shark in the Park’,  our visit to the road safety centre in North Point, and our most recent visit to Brighter Smiles!

Road Safety Patrol

Road Safety Patrol – Our students loved having the chance to learn from a real police officer about road safety and how to read pedestrian signs. Best of all, we had the chance to ride around on tricycles and practice following the road signs

Kids Fest Theatre

Kids Fest Theatre – After reading “Shark in the Park”, we visited the theatre to watch a retelling of the story! We loved singing along with the cast and laughing at all of the funny acting . As a school focused on drama, our favourite outings are going to see real children’s theatre.

Tram Trip

Tram Trip – For our Unit of Inquiry on transportation, we took trips around Hong Kong on different forms of transportation. We looked at how all of the parts worked together to create a successful system.

Brighter Smiles Playland

Brighter Smiles Playland – We put a heavy emphasis on living a healthy and balanced life here at Hamilton Hill. Our visit to the Brighter Smiles Playland taught us how to care for our teeth and keep a healthy diet so our smiles are shining bright

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