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Hamilton Hill’s admissions process ensures students are placed in the appropriate grade level to meet their learning needs.

Students are assessed prior to commencement to ensure they have the required understand of the English Language as well as the maturity to begin their education. Most importantly we also need to ensure that we have the required skills and support to cater to their needs. This simple assessment is done through observation of play and interaction with other children and our specialist teachers.

It is our policy not to discriminate with any potential pupil because of race, creed, or ethnic background. We also consider as important that the parents of our potential students should not be judged similarly inappropriately.

Hamilton Hill admits applicants and parents who support our mission statement and principles of the international curriculum we follow. Furthermore, the school seeks to admit applicants who will benefit from an inquiry-based conceptual program, which is in place to prepare them for renowned Primary-aged programs such as the International Baccalaureate. We encourage parental support for children in the educational programs offered by us. 

The majority of children complete two years in Hamilton Hill International Kindergarten. We encourage you to enroll your child for the full two years of kindergarten so they can enjoy all the benefits of the program.

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