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Alex has over 15 years teaching experience in both local and international schools setting. Born and raised in England, Alex spent 10 years studying English, modern arts and drama at Chesterfield College of Arts and Drama. He worked in Seattle, USA, before coming to Hong Kong to begin his education career.

A performer himself, he has participated in various entertainment productions including TV commercials and once landed a small part in a major Hollywood movie. He believes active performances through drama and role-play encourage children to speak clearly and with confidence.

As a child, Alex always liked superheroes and comic books. Recent studies have encouraged children to explore fiction and fantasy, as it generates excitement and interest in learning. It also yields higher concentration levels from young students. With this in mind, he came up with the idea of a themed school, a movie-set-like school, offering an environment to let children feel comfortable in performing and expressing themselves.

Interesting Fact: The name “Hamilton Hill”, came from the high school attended by Terrence, the son of Bruce Wayne, aka Batman. Hamilton Hill was the name of the Mayor of Gotham City and the high school was named after him. 

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